Educating women over forty how to reduce symptoms of aging such as fatigue, brain fog and belly fat in ways most doctors miss or don't have time for!

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Have you ever stared in the mirror, not liking what you see and wondered…


How did this happen?


Ever wondered why it gets so much harder to lose weight as we age?   


Ever wonder what happened to that energy we once had when we were younger and why it’s so much harder just to get out of bed? 


Ever feel like you’re on a hamster wheel of life and lost your zest? 


More irritability?  Mood swings?  Has your relationships lost luster or gone dull? 


It truly doesn’t have to be that way!

Download my free cheat sheet to take a simple first step to feeling and looking better…

Free Cheat Sheet 

How to lose weight when nothing else is working

Free Cheat Sheet 

Free Cheat Sheet

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My story

Hi!  I’m Julie… I got discouraged in healthcare.  I wanted more.  For me, my family and anyone else who wanted more too.  It started for me when I was creeping into my forties and started feeling...

Julie Kaanapu with BioTE
Julie Kaanapu with BioTE
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