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Simple Steps to Become Healthier and Fit in 4 Weeks


Springtime is always a good time for growth and change however ANY TIME is a great time to become healthier and fit.  


Even though food and activity is important, there’s so much more to being healthy and fit than just what you put in your mouth or how much you exercise.  It’s the simple things we do, day to day, that create healthy habits that last!


This is why I put together a simple 4 week challenge: 12 simple steps to become healthier and fit in 4 weeks!


In less than 10 minutes a day, 3 times per week, you’ll learn how to implement these simple steps to becoming a healthier and fit you!

This 4 week challenge to becoming a healthier and fit you includes:

12 Educational Short Videos!


3 videos per week and all in 10 minutes or less!  

So simple, it’s meant to do during your lunch break!  We’ll discuss….

  • How to set goals properly to make sure you get what you want
  • Clearing clutter to make room to get what you want!

  • CPDR and ABCD’s of eating

  • How to H2O

  • Food: Micros and Macros

  • Movement vs Exercise and how to create a workout and schedule that works for you.

  • How to kick the Sugar Habit

  • What’s in your grocery cart? Reading food labels and how to choose healthier options

  • Polarity of Food and mindset: Can’t, No, or Don’t!

  • How to indulge your sweet tooth

  • Self-Sabotage and your inner strength

  • Stress fat and the 5-5-7 

  • 3 things to get past a plateau 




11 Bonus Sheets!


11 Bonus sheets which include tips and tricks you can use to 

help and keep you moving along like…



  • Goal Sheet: How to find out what you really want

  • De-Clutter organizer

  • Magic Plate: What should your plate should look like?

  • How to H2O: How much water is right for you?

  • Movement Menu

  • 7 Solutions to kick the sugar habit!

  • Polarity of Food

  • Beginners guide to groceries

  • How to indulge your sweet tooth

  • Hormone Quiz!

  • 14 Healthy dessert recipes



Take 10 min during your lunch break only 3 times a week to listen and learn how you can create healthier habits that last to become a healthier and more fit you! 

Get your simple steps to become 

healthier and fit in 4 weeks now!

Valued at $249

Discounted to only…




Yes!  I want it!


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