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Many statistics and studies have shown that…


  • Top killers in America are preventable diseases

  • Fewer than 5% of adults engage in healthy behaviors and only 20% of adults are thriving

  • 1 in 2 adults has a chronic disease; 1 in 4 have multiple

  • 1 in 6 children are now obese (not just overweight) and 27% of children have a chronic disease

  • Chronic disease will account for $47 trillon in healthcare expenditure by 2030 (that’s more than the annual GDP of the six largest economies in the world!

  • Doctors are prescribing more medications than ever before (4.45 billion from 3.95 billion in the last 5 years) and many are unnecessary and possibly causing even more harm!  Every type of medicine (even Tylenol) takes away/depletes a nutrient from your body, possibly making your immune system even weaker.

  • Top disease killers in the U.S are preventable diseases


We have become a reactive medical society rather than a proactive one. 

Insurance companies try to tell providers how to practice medicine so they don’t have to pay or tell you that you don’t “need” something yet because it’s not bad enough yet.  WT*?   They’re not the doctor!?  This may contribute to the idea of many providers saying “let’s just watch it”….  Watch it what?  Grow?  Get worse?  Once again, another WT* moment.


The majority of providers are so busy trying to see as many patients as they can in a day, or doing the colossal amount of paperwork that is required of them now from insurance companies they don’t have time to assist patients where it will make the most impact... 


Healthy lifestyle habits that last!

It’s easy to write a prescription that matches a symptom(s) yet takes dedication and time to assist true change for someone.  Something a lot of providers don’t have and also need support with.  We all need guidance, support and accountability!


For those whom are interested in being proactive in your health, this is for you!

How healthy are you aging? Take the quiz below!

How healthy you are aging?

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