What will I get and what does this coach connect personal app program include? 

Wanna loose the bloat, have a flatter stomach, and get rid of harder to lose weight? 


Sign up now to lose belly fat in just 21 days and have lifetime access to keep it off!

What will I get and what does this coach connect app program include?  

You will receive…


  • Personal app set up and login

  • Unique profile set up and goal setting

  • Complete and comprehensive tracking

  • Shopping lists

  • Recipes

You’ll be able to track…


  • Body measurements

  • Nutrition

  • Meditation

  • Condition

  • Daily movement

  • Link your fitness device

  • Every day reflection, notes and logs to achieve your goals

You’ll also get… 


  • PDF Booklet of what to eat, what not to eat

  • Downloadable guidebook

  • Cleanse enhancing activities

  • How to cope with challenges

  • How to reintroduce certain foods to find your perfect personal eating lifestyle

You’ll get 4 live group coaching sessions that will assist you through the entire process and help you reach your goals.

Can’t make all the calls? DON’T WORRY! They’ll all be recorded and sent out to after!  Even if you did make it, you’ll have the chance to listen again!  


The four coaching calls will cover…


1. We’ll learn about how to prepare, what to expect, how to establish new habits and how this will be different from anything you’ve tried before.  

2. We'll discover what you really desire and how much belly fat you want to lose so we follow through and get what you want! 

3. We’ll learn how to set and achieve your goals long term and lose the belly fat for good!


4. We’ll answer how to continue new healthy habits when life gets in the way so you don’t gain the belly fat back!

You’ll also become part of a community of same, like minded people in your personal program Face Book group.  


This is where you will also receive support from others going through the same thing that you are, share the same struggles that you have, know what its like to go through challenges and be there to support and celebrate the rewards together too! 

You'll have lifetime access to the program!


There is no wrong way to do this… just show up!  We’ll have a new start date multiple times a year for continued optimal health and support.  You’ll have this program to do as often as you want for the life the program exists!

Getting the right start for your personalized health goal is PRICELESS



Your personalized app and program: Learn how to Lose Belly Fat at your finger tips; $299 value

Interactive one on one text messaging: Increase your individualized growth & support - HIPPA compliant communication; $150 value

Cleanse Packet: Phase I, II & III instructions, Cleanse activities, recipes, shopping guides, sample meal plan & more: $299 Value

4 Group Coaching sessions: Discover together actions steps and follow through with ways to make new habits last; $500 value

Facebook community support group: Belong and connect with like minded friends! PRICELESS


Movement Menu & Workouts Done Anywhere:  Adapt what fits best for you and options to choose what you like most ; $125 value

4 Day Food Experiment:  Discover what food maps best for you! $199 Value

7 Solutions To Sugar Cravings:  7 simple ways to kick your cravings; $99 value

How To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth:  Sweet options without the guilt! $125 Value

Total Value: $1,995

Sign up NOW and save!

$447 for one or

$497 for you & your buddy!

and save up to $1,548 off current price

Once you sign up to lose belly fat, you’ll also get 



My Movement Menu and Workouts Done Anywhere!

Choose from a list of options that whet your appetite best from our movement menu or use already done for you workouts that you can do anywhere then mix and match and make your own!

BONUS #2:   

Four Day Energy Experiment & The Magic Plate

Find out which type of protein and meals give you the best energy after you finish your personal health start app program. So you can continue to feel great!


7 Solutions to Sugar Cravings

Learn 7 simple techniques that are often overlooked to reduce or eliminate your sugar cravings.


How To Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

This cheat sheet will give you healthier options to choose, high quality forms to buy, and benefits to consider when choosing.

Jump start your way to lose belly fat and bloating!  Sign up for you and a buddy now!

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