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Thank You for Registering for the Master My Metabolism Challenge!

Hello and welcome! I’m truly excited to have you on board for this transformative journey. The road to understanding and optimizing your thyroid for a better, healthier life starts here!



Master My Metabolism Challenge Dates:

September 1-4, 2023


Kick-off Time: 10:00 AM (PST)

Zoom Link for the Challenge:

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this Challenge:


  • Unlock the secrets of your thyroid: Understand its true functions and how to effectively support and optimize it to rev up your metabolism and melt away stubborn belly fat.

  • Discover why most physicians are in the dark about this vital organ, and learn how to pinpoint the ones that can truly help you.

  • Get informed about the essential lab tests that provide genuine insights into your metabolism, heart function, and reasons behind thinning hair and other bothersome side effects related to your thyroid and metabolism.


How to Access the Challenge:


Check your inbox right now. You should have an email with content similar to what’s on this page. It will also contain the link to access the Challenge.


  • Expect a reminder email or two, 1-3 days before the challenge commences, with a reminder and the link to the Challenge


  • During the Challenge, which runs September 1-4, Expect daily morning email reminders with the link to the Challenge.


  • Don’t forget to download your Master My Metabolism Workbook/Journal now. Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD NOW. You can use this helpful tool to document your journey, insights, and discoveries. It's not just about learning, but about making this knowledge a part of your daily life.

Pro Tips:

  • Regularly check both your inbox and spam/junk folders.

  • Add to your contacts to ensure seamless communication.

  • Invest in your health with the VIP upgrade


Invite A Friend

Experiencing this challenge with a friend could double the meaning and the results! Know someone battling with energy levels, fat loss, hair thinning, or other thyroid-related issues? Share the journey with them. 


Here’s the link to share. Just copy and paste and share with your friends or on social media if you like:

It’s Time to Master Your Metabolism!

Too many individuals have been told their thyroid is "normal," when in reality, normal is NOT optimal. With a flood of misinformation and lack of genuine understanding even among some healthcare professionals, it's time we demystify the thyroid. By optimizing your thyroid the right way, the benefits can be astonishing: revitalized energy, weight loss, improved temperature tolerance, thicker hair, and so much more.

I can’t wait to see you at the Challenge!
Julie Kaanapu, NBC-HWC

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