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Congratulations on Your VIP Upgrade!

Welcome to the Master My Metabolism VIP Experience! 


First and foremost, congratulations on taking this exceptional step forward! You've made a brilliant decision to intensify your Master My Metabolism Challenge experience. 


Your commitment to mastering your metabolism is about to pay off in a huge way. Here’s a quick recap of the exclusive benefits you've just unlocked:


These are now yours…

  1. Lifetime Access to the Master My Metabolism Challenge Recordings. You’ll receive access to these recordings after the Challenge is over.

  2. Exclusive Private Group Coaching:  After each challenge meeting, join a confidential, private group coaching session. Get personal answers to all your burning thyroid or health-related questions. Elevate your understanding and tailor the challenge insights to your own unique journey.

  3. BONUS PROGRAM: 4 WEEKS TO GET HEALTHIER & FIT. This isn't just any program; it's a potent mix of 12 educational videos and 11 BONUS SHEETS aimed at propelling you towards a healthier lifestyle. This program is valued at $249 and is now FREE with the VIP package!

  4. Master My Metabolism Workbook/Journal:  Document your journey, insights, and discoveries. It's not just about learning, but about making this knowledge a part of your daily life.

📩 Important Next Steps 📩


  1. Mark September 1-4, 2023 at 10 AM PST on your calendar. 

  2. Check your inbox for the official Welcome Email letting you know how to access the Challenge and how it works.

  3. Check your inbox for your VIP Thank You Email detailing how to access all of your VIP benefits.

Please make sure to:

- Check your inbox (and spam folder, just in case!).

- Add to your contact list to ensure you don't miss out on any crucial updates or insights from me.


Let's Set Your Metabolism Ablaze! 🔥


Thank you for going the extra mile. Your dedication is commendable, and we're here every step of the way to ensure you truly thrive. Here's to a brighter, healthier, and more energetic you!




Julie Kaanapu, NBC-HWC

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