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This is how the whole thing got started


         It started for me when I was creeping into my forties... I started feeling more fatigue, brain fog, irritability and increased belly fat.  


Yet I realized I wasn't alone as many of my friends and other women were feeling the same.  However, they weren't getting the help they wanted from their doctor.


          They were told "you're not a young chicken anymore... It's all in your head"... or worse left with multiple medications that left them with a host of side effects that didn't take care of the root cause of the problem. 

I did not want to become one of those women whose purse is taken over by prescription pill bottles.  I knew I needed to find another way...

Julie has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon in Sports Medicine and a minor in Biology.  She is trained in BioTE Medical’s method of hormone and health optimization, A certified practitioner of World Link Medical's hormone accredited courses, a certified Master Health & Lifestyle Medicine coach through the Health Coach Institute, graduate of Functional Nutrition Lab approved by the NANP, been certified as a personal trainer, boot camp and hip hop instructor, HIPAA certified and continuing education through Nehemiah Project of Biblical Entrepreneurship.

“I got discouraged in healthcare. I wanted more. For me, my family and anyone else who wanted more too”.

            When working in physical therapy, I loved working with people and coaching them with physical ways to improve their body.  However, I saw so many people struggle with physical and emotional pain, weight gain, some times stress from a traumatic event, stress with their spouse or family and how to handle it. 

I saw them on a host of prescription medications that seemed to attract more medications because of a side effect, then another for that side effect, etc.  It was a downward spiral…


            So I started assisting pain management providers with medication monitoring programs in hopes to assist with positive patient outcomes to decrease and finally eliminate prescription medications.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel that certain medications are beneficial and needed at times, yet meant short term.   No one wakes up one day and thinks…

“Ya know… I think I want to be on multiple medications for the rest of my life and still feel like crap”!


…said no one ever!

But the outcomes were not going in the direction I hoped.  I found that many docs were continuing to prescribe more and more and patients weren’t getting better.  They were getting worse.  I felt defeated.  I felt I wasn’t helping with what I set out to do. 


Then I got the question from one of my providers I worked with.


Julie, what are other docs doing about hormones and lifestyle change”?


That was my wake up call.  I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as I looked back at him and said the forbidden words… “I don’t know”.

Horomone Balance.jpg
Meet Julie
My Story

I Wanted More!!

 So what did I do?  I asked dozens of doctors and providers I worked with about what they were doing, what worked, what didn’t, what they wish they could do, what might be missing or they weren’t educated in but didn’t have the time.  


That was the biggest complaint…. I don’t have the time.


They didn’t have the time to learn more and help with lifestyle change.  There was something missing.


This put me on a mission.  A mission to help, be a resource, an educator, a liaison.  I spent years, money, time, had teachers, coaches, courses, classes, and studies under the two largest and top medical training companies in the world.  I became a consultant and assisted in doctor training and certification programs to improve patient outcomes. 


Over the years I’ve learned and have been able to learn and share:

  • What blood labs mean, values, levels and that “normal” is not “optimal”

  • How to interpret studies and articles in the medical literature.  Observation is not evidence-based medicine and association does not prove causation.

  • What to eat, how to eat, when to eat.  Everyone is an individual and needs to be treated like one.  One size fits all approach does not work with anything!

  • How to overcome binge eating and cravings without feeling or being deprived.

  • How to manage stress and turn healthy habits into lifestyle change.


Fast-forward to today, I LOVE reaching health goals with anyone who wants to look and feel better and I started with myself!  I improved my awareness, found a trained and certified provider who assisted to optimized my health and hormones, and I use the techniques that I teach in my own everyday life.  Then, I went on to help my husband… lol.  That’s another great story I’ll tell you about later.


I’m supporting providers with their patients, assisting corporate wellness programs, speaking at events, and partnering with regular, spectacular people like you who want to fill the gap.


The gap between leaving the doctors office and coming back later only feeling discouraged because we didn’t eat better and exercise more like we were told or knew we should have.  We come back possibly a little heavier, slightly higher cholesterol, increased blood pressure, just as stressed or maybe even more stressed, and possibly leave with a (or another) medication. 


We all need a few missing pieces to fill that gap.... 

....guidance, resources and accountability.

Have you ever felt like there’s something missing or a gap that needs to be filled?  That missing piece to a healthier you?  Those promises you’ve made to yourself that never seems to be met or follow through?


Ever make that New Year’s Resolution that always seems to fall off maybe only a month or even a few weeks later?  Ever say “I’ll start on Monday”, yet Monday turns into next Monday which turn into weeks, months even years and you find yourself saying “How did this happen”?


Ever wonder how your health might look 3, 5 or even 10 years down the road continuing on your same path? 




unnamed (1).png

Are you ready to feel better, have more energy, lose weight, gain muscle, and be able to turn healthy behaviors into healthy habits that last?


If you're feel like something's  missing, there's a gap or void that you're unsure what exactly it is, you'e not alone… that’s why you’re here.


Maybe you don't know where to start.  Maybe you’ve tried everything else, and sometimes it works, but not long term.


But maybe it’s not all your fault it didn’t work.  There could be something more that you haven't optimized.


Maybe no one’s really listened to you before…. I’m listening now. 


You’ve proven you want a healthy life because you’re reading this now.  Now is the time to get what you want, feel how you want to feel and look how you want to look.


And feel confident that every bit of effort you invest will pay off!

Start by diving into one of the cheat sheets below

to get a head start on feeling and looking better naked!

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