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12 simple steps to become healthier and fit in 4wks, Vlog Episode 110

Springtime is always a good time for growth and change however ANY TIME is a great time to become healthier and fit.

Even though it’s important, there’s so much more to being healthy and fit than just what you put in your mouth or how much you exercise. It’s the simple things we do day to day to create healthy habits that last!

This is why I put together a Ladies Lunch & Learn! A 4 week spring kick off challenge to become a healthier and more fit you for a private group last spring. Even though this was for a group of women, these steps can be used for anyone, men included!

There was such great feedback and requests to bring it back that we decided to share it with you, my special Pro Health Insider!

In episode 110, this 4 week challenge to becoming a healthier you includes:

- What your plate should look like (macro’s and micro’s)

- CPDR and ABCD’s of eating

- How much water is right for you

- How to kick the Sugar Habit

- Reading labels and how to choose

- Self Sabotage and your inner strength

- Stress management (how it effects fat storage)

- Hormones, metabolism and much more with several FREE Downloads!

- 12 short videos with helpful tips to become a healthier and more fit you!

Take 10 min during your lunch break only 3 times a week to listen and learn how you can create healthier habits that last to become a healthier and fitter you!

Click on week 1-4 below to view the 3 short videos for each week as you go through your 4 week health challenge.

Week 1 Videos: Monday Wednesday Friday

Week 2 of 4 to become healthier and fit!

I hope you enjoyed the first week toward getting healthier and fit in 4 weeks!

Did you download your goal sheet? What did you find that you really wanted?

Many times we think one thing is what we want but when we dive deeper, we find what we really want and/or need is maybe something different.

If you haven’t had a chance to download the goal sheet in week 1 do so now!

If you’re ready to move on, week 2 brings on some great insights!

- How much water should I drink?

- What should my plate look like?

- Movement? What type? How much? How often?

Click below to get access to week 2 videos and more FREE downloads toward your 4 weeks to get healthier and fit!

Week 2 Videos: Monday Wednesday Friday

As always, we want to hear from YOU! Type below your goal (you’re more likely to achieve a goal if you state it, write it down and share with others)!

You never know who or how many you’ll inspire by sharing!

Watch now to start your health challenge and don’t forget the free downloads, pdf’s, health tips, recipes and more!

In health and love,


and the PHS team ;-)

Week 3 brings some major good stuff:

- How to kick the Sugar Habit

- Polarity of food and mindset; can’t, don’t or just no!

- What should your grocery list look like?

Click below to get access to week 3 videos and more FREE downloads toward your 4 weeks to get healthier and fit!

Week 3 Videos: Monday Wednesday Friday

Remember, progress not perfection because we’re all perfectly imperfect!

Keep it up! You’ve got this!

~Julie and the PHS team

Week 4 of 4 You’re at the home S-T-R-E-T-C-H…. but not really!

I know, I know, what a buzz kill right?

Even though this is week 4, what I hope one of your take aways is that getting healthier doesn’t have to take a lot of time, but staying healthy is a journey, being aware and a life style, not a destination.

So take a look at the great info in week 4:

- How to indulge your sweet tooth

- Stress management

- Hormones and how they can stop you in your tracks when they’re not optimal. Take the quiz!

Click below to get access to week 4 videos and more FREE downloads toward your 4 weeks to get healthier and fit!

WEEK 4 Videos: Monday Wednesday Friday

I’m SO proud of you that you’ve taken this journey with me and we’re always here to support you!

Make sure to leave your comments below this last video. Share your ah ha’s, your struggles and your accomplishments as what you share can impact and support someone else.

We’re all in this together!

All my love and support,


and the PHS team

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