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How to reduce insulin and lose stubborn fat through intermitted fasting Episode 111

Have you ever heard of T.R.E. or I.F.?

Time Restricted Eating (TRE) and Intermitted Fasting (IF), have become popular topics in the health and weight loss field lately.

Is this just another fad diet or has it actually been around for centuries and we just gave it a new name?

Is there scientific evidence around it or long term results?

In this Pro Health Episode 111 you’ll learn:

- What is Time Restricted Eating or Intermitted Fasting, what does it really mean and how do you do it?

- How weight loss and Intermitted Fasting works

- What is it the ideal length of time to do I.F.?

- Does I.F. mess up your metabolism or actually help it?

- How Intermitted Fasting has reversed some chronic conditions

- How to start as a beginner without going hungry!

Learn from medical professional Nawo Fiamo, ARNP and owner of Fiamo Healing Center and how he has helped his weight loss and diabetic patients reduce insulin levels and fat while not going hungry and still maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Click below and watch now… It may not be what you think!

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As always, we need and want your feedback! Please type your comments, ah-ha’s or questions for practitioner Nawo below.

What you share could help or influence someone else to be healthier and happier!

With loads of support, smiles, and sunshine,


and the PHS team

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